Welcome to Hard Target Basketball

We are a dedicated AAU basketball team based in Cleveland, Tennessee. Our mission is to inspire and empower athletes to reach their full potential on and off the court.

Our Portfolio

Community Outreach

We believe in giving back to the community. Through various initiatives, we have organized basketball clinics and workshops for the youth in Cleveland, Tennessee.

We highlight the achievements and skills of our talented players through player spotlights. These profiles showcase their journey and dedication to the sport.

Servicing the Community

Hard Target strives to instill a sense of service and community in our players. Pictured Here is just one of the many times that we have serviced our community by volunteering with Loudon Without Limits, a sports organization that provides accommodations for children with special needs.

Player Spotlights
Perks of joining our family

Basketball is a great way to stay active and build important skills such as teamwork and communication. Additionally, it provides a supportive community and a fun way to meet new people. Joining a basketball league can also help improve your physical health and mental well-being.